Doxygen image latex width

By Angella
Doxygen requires different image formats for the different output types. How can I set the colum width in comments for doxygen. Below I show how to insert images such that they appear in both html and pdfs generated by latex. Or, is the documentation in error.
The doxygen image tag documentation specifies that both height and width attributes can be given yet only the first attribute is accepted. Doxygen-latex package information. Banners designs usually come in different sizes, doxygen image latex width. Christmas border clipart with holiday borders and frames.

However, you can edit the doxygen.

Doxygen image latex width
The second attribute is output to the resultant XML as descriptive text. The file name of the image should not contain white spaces nor multiple dots.
Doxygen image latex width — 1
I'm thinking about a putting that width in a TeX length variable, so you can overrule it with a special doxygen command, but this has not been implemented yet. A wide variety of decorative tile borders stone options are available to you, the California bungalow renovation at Oswald Street is finished, which means the logo is currently in use.