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Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, most, Natural gas is often informally referred to simply as gas, especially when compared to other energy sources such as oil or coal. Despite forays into other industries, El Paso remained focused on buying, transporting, and selling natural gas. El Paso Natural Gas - Skellytown.
El paso natural gas logo
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As the postwar economy and population boomed, cities throughout the region demanded energy sources to fuel growth and development.

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El Paso Natural Gas - Colorado Springs. El Paso Natural Gas Company System Overview. Milky Way Logos Quiz Answers Logos Quiz Walkthrough. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Downtown El Paso building gets historic designation. They discovered a way to transport gas seeping from the ground in crude pipelines of bamboo to where it was used to salt water to extract the salt. Janice Parker, Vice President Bud Wilcox, Director, Gas Control.